Device Protection

Damage or device debacles – ProtectCELL ‘No Hassle’ protection guarantees your busy life stays on track, no matter what happens.

Comprehensive Protection

For any reason or no reason at all, your mobile devices are completely protected with a ProtectCELL plan from Fortegra.

  • Protection from anything and everything
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Transferable to your new device
  • Plan includes additional benefits
  • Visit your local ProtectCELL dealer for details

Service Contracts

Fortegra ProtectCELL plans offer repair or replacement for all sorts of unfortunate incidents.

  • Physical damage due to whacks, cracks, and drops
  • Liquid damage due to spills, splashes, or even plops
  • Mechanical failure due to surges and meltdowns
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Transferable to your new device

Additional Benefits and Services

Need more than just device protection? ProtectCELL device protection plans come with additional features so it’s not just the device that’s protected, but what’s on it. (Additional plan benefits vary by plan type)

  • ID Theft Support

    Identity theft support

  • Data Security

    Backup for contacts, texts, photos, and more

  • BuyBack™ Value

    Cash to offset the cost of device upgrades

  • Device Location

    Track and lock capabilities for missing devices

Over 2Million Plans Sold 30-DAY 100% Money Back Guarantee BBB Inc. 500 2013 Gold Winner for Customer Care

ProtectCELL Device Protection FAQs

Don’t I have a manufacturer’s warranty?

Manufacturer’s warranties don’t protect against damage. A warranty is designed to cover ‘defects in manufacturing,’ and even that’s good for only 12 months.

Isn’t my carrier’s plan better?

Compared with the monthly fee added to your bill, our plans are much less expensive. Also, carrier plans don't come with additional benefits like BuyBack.

Are these plans expensive?

No, not compared to the cost of needing to replace your device in the middle of a 2-year contract. Without ProtectCELL a device replacement could cost between $500 and $800. Plus, BuyBack alone can save you more than the initial cost of the plan.

I’m not clumsy. Do I really need this?

Well, accidents do happen. But if you’re as coordinated as you say and don't need a new device, you can still use BuyBack to get trade-in cash when it’s time to upgrade.

Can't I just buy another device on that auction site?

Don’t do it! You never know what you’re going to in terms of quality or price. Fortegra offers certified devices, also protected by your plan.

What do I do if something bad does happen to my device?

We’re glad you asked. Just call our toll free number or use our online click-to-chat feature. Pay the appropriate administration fee and your device will be on its way. 99% of our devices are shipped within one business day following request approval.