Here at ProtectCELL, we’ve always prided ourselves on “doing what’s right.” This is for our customers, partners, team members and everyone else connected to ProtectCELL. Following this motto has not only helped us grow as individuals and a company but has led us to give back to our community. Mission 3.2.1. is a specially-designed program allowing us to do just that.

Mission 3.2.1.

The 3: Three Families Per Year

We support 3 families each year by paying for their necessities (rent, food, clothes, etc) to help them get back on their feet

The 2: Two Days To Use Two Ways

Each ProtectCELL Team Member receives two days to donate their time to their community. As part of this, we participate in two large community events each year to get the whole ProtectCELL team working together.

Team members also get two days for personal enrichment - take a class, seminar, or even just help out with a family event.

The 1: One Event Each Month

Every month at the ProtectCELL headquarters in Novi, MI, we have a civic event to benefit a local charity. Past events include a can food drive, clothing drive, 50/50 raffles and Salvation Army Angel Tree

Mission 3.2.1

Return, Reuse, Recycle

As you know, your ProtectCELL plan does much more than just provide you with the use of another cell phone or tablet device whenever you need one. One of the additional benefits under your ProtectCELL plan is a free cell phone recycling program available to all of our past and present members. Here at ProtectCELL, being environmentally friendly isn’t just something we talk about, it’s something we do. No matter if it’s the ProtectCELL Certified Phone you’ve been using or any additional cell phones you’d like to send to us for recycling, we’d be more than happy to take care of them for you.